Lepak Media offers a range of photography services. Our team has been able to work with a variety of different groups and people in order to create pieces that our clients are happy with. From fashion photography to commercial work to event photography, we are able to provide a variety of photography services as our own photographers continue to gain experience in their fields, in order to aid our clients in creating a perfect image.

Lepak Media Team Portfolio

Image Taken for Style Decoy – Fashion Blogger
Image Taken for La Mods Modelling Launch
Image Taken for Supanova 2016
Image Taken for Emily Jane Clarke’s Designs featuring Yeah Tie Dye
Image Taken for Vashti – Titled “Suburbia”
Image Taken for WA Born (TPFF)
CS3Final-2 FINAL
Image Taken for Colosoul Group Inc. – Live ‘Fash’ Mob
DSC_0050 copy copy
Image Taken for Colosoul Group Inc – Featuring Skylark The Label
Image Taken for La Mods Modelling Agency – Titled ” ‘Grease’ It Up”
DSC_0670 copy1
Image Taken for the Foxfeet Collective – Titled “Peace, Love and The 70’s”

View the full sets of our works here.