Bird On a Wire

Hosted by Colosoul inc. Bird on a wire was a successful and fun day at Hyde park. With stalls selling fashion, food and general goodies! Three musical performers, dancers and an excellent summer fashion runway show! And our photographers: Cal and Michelle covered the eventful evening!


Bird on a Wire Fashion was a fabulous fashion event that raises funds for Child Wise, a not for profit organisation dedicated to protecting children from abuse and exploitation. Families and friends came along and spend their time picnic in the park. -Michelle


As well as having performers and a fashion show, we also set up a photo booth with forty hand made, on of a kind dream catchers.


The musical performers all had strong vocals backed up with their acoustic guitars.
They brought a calming presence with their melodic style which perfectly fit in with the theme of the fashion show.


There were a lot of amazing creatives showcased their talents in the live music performance, dance performance. – Michelle

I loved watching Oneword Tours, their first performance was fun and followed contemporary  style. But it was their second performance that captured my attention. It had a strong story of woman and children who live a less fortunate life. It was hard hitting and a real inspiration. – Cal


The fashion show showcased six fashion designers, outfits varied from summer and spring styles, some with flowing skirts and dresses, but all had the happy,popping, everyday style that was what Bird On a Wire was all about. – Cal


Even though it was a really sunny hot day, I can see people enjoyed the whole event with their friends and family and that is my favourite part of the event. – Michelle

Photography: Cal Avis & Michelle Maretha

Courtesy of Lepak Media

Save Me Now Launch Show

With the launch of their new single: Save Me Now, featuring PredZ, Avastera brought everything they had to their intimate headlining show, featuring an all Perth line-up, at the exciting Astor Lounge on November 12 2016. Performing along with them was Those Who Dream, The Faux & Small Town Heroes!


Opening the night was Those Who Dream, an erratic pop duo with ecstatic energy. The variation of pop to pop-punk brought by The drummer and the front man who jumped between guitar and piano only made the crowd more excited as their performance went on, the crowd didn’t know what to expect from these two!


Next up was The Faux, having a pumped beat over a melody of smooth alternative rock only helped in getting the crowd excited and going from a dance mood to a light head bang vibe, they achieved in delivering a powerful performance!


Before the main act was Small Town Heroes. They held the strong, classic pop-punk sound but pulled their own Australian twist on it. Pushing the pace faster, the crowd let out as much as they were getting back!


Up last were the astonishing Avastera, As well as playing the fan favorites, the boys in Avastera decided to surprise Perth with performing two new songs! Joining Avastera on stage was the very talented, Predz, performing the brand new track: Save Me Now.

It was an excellent night filled with even better music! The crowd slowly made their way out at the end, phone in hands, looking up any band that they didn’t already know, so they can listen to their music again and again.

Words from the Photographer: I believed Avastera and all the opening acts were incredible, they all had a different sound from each other and all gave everything they had. I have been following Avastera for a few years and was dying to see what the new vocalist,  Adrian Wilson, had to bring and I was extremely impressed; I know he is a perfect fit for Avastera.

View all the photos and read the full review here:

Photography & review by: Cal Avis

Shot on: Canon 1100d

Courtesy of: Lepak Media


In July 2016 Lepak Media approached the spectacular Edwina Marie Chee aka: Style Decoy for a first project photography shoot for one of our photographers: Cal Avis.

This shoot coexisted of two outfits put together by Cal Avis, Edwina Marie Chee and Neils Tiongson; and three locations in the Perth CBD.


It began when Edwina came down to the Colosoul office and we presented her with the outfits that she agreed were of her style. Once Edwina changed into the outfits we headed out at around 4P.M to gt the warm colour tone that the sunset gave.


Cal wanted the have the shoot be of a “dark, grungy and editorial” style. Cal: “I chose to pull it towards a darker style so it would also fit my style a bit more but would also easily fit into Edwina’s style.


Cal: ” I tried to focus on the colour that the sunset brought on as well as the detail that the city had to offer on the streets and in alley ways. I chose which outfits I believed looked better in specific locations, the all black sleeveless leather jacket out fit went to more open locations that had less around her to bring more attention to the detail in her clothes. The white and black jumper went towards the grungier and compacted locations.”


Cal: “What I learned during this shoot was to never leave anything on my camera on auto. I left my ISO on auto and because of the shadows caused by the high buildings and the back light of the setting sun my ISO went to 3200 which caused a lot of grain to show in the images. Since this shoot I learned a lot about my camera settings, not just in ISO but also in aperture and controlling that more to have the image go darker in direct sun light when shutter speed alone can’t keep the whites at a less exposed level. All in all I was extremely happy with this shoot, I got some images that I am very happy with and have used on multiple occasions”


Photography: Cal Avis.

Model: Edwina Marie Chee.  aka. Style Decoy.

Courtesy of: Lepak Media and Colosoul.

Matt Gresham – Ghost Tour 2016


When the lights come up revealing the reason everyone come out to Babushka in Leederville. Performing his brutally honestly originals and reinventing some of the greats, Matt Gresham has the crowd clinging to his every word. As everyone stood up from their seats and stared in awe at his voice, everyone knew that it was going to be a good night. Being an intimate show, each person in the crowd felt as if he was singing to them, and them alone, each person feeling a genuine connection with the emotion that he poured into his words. His acoustic guitar and pure voice had the whole audience transfixed, song after song, the crowd begged for more. Gresham created a genuine connection with his fans, which is often hard to find when it comes to a fair amount of performances today. As he ended the show the crowd found it difficult to walk away, they stood around a little longer in awe even though the show was over and done.


Photographed by: Cal Avis

Shot on: Canon 1100d.

Courtesy of: Lepak Media