Bird On a Wire

Hosted by Colosoul inc. Bird on a wire was a successful and fun day at Hyde park. With stalls selling fashion, food and general goodies! Three musical performers, dancers and an excellent summer fashion runway show! And our photographers: Cal and Michelle covered the eventful evening!


Bird on a Wire Fashion was a fabulous fashion event that raises funds for Child Wise, a not for profit organisation dedicated to protecting children from abuse and exploitation. Families and friends came along and spend their time picnic in the park. -Michelle


As well as having performers and a fashion show, we also set up a photo booth with forty hand made, on of a kind dream catchers.


The musical performers all had strong vocals backed up with their acoustic guitars.
They brought a calming presence with their melodic style which perfectly fit in with the theme of the fashion show.


There were a lot of amazing creatives showcased their talents in the live music performance, dance performance. – Michelle

I loved watching Oneword Tours, their first performance was fun and followed contemporary  style. But it was their second performance that captured my attention. It had a strong story of woman and children who live a less fortunate life. It was hard hitting and a real inspiration. – Cal


The fashion show showcased six fashion designers, outfits varied from summer and spring styles, some with flowing skirts and dresses, but all had the happy,popping, everyday style that was what Bird On a Wire was all about. – Cal


Even though it was a really sunny hot day, I can see people enjoyed the whole event with their friends and family and that is my favourite part of the event. – Michelle

Photography: Cal Avis & Michelle Maretha

Courtesy of Lepak Media


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