Matt Gresham – Ghost Tour 2016


When the lights come up revealing the reason everyone come out to Babushka in Leederville. Performing his brutally honestly originals and reinventing some of the greats, Matt Gresham has the crowd clinging to his every word. As everyone stood up from their seats and stared in awe at his voice, everyone knew that it was going to be a good night. Being an intimate show, each person in the crowd felt as if he was singing to them, and them alone, each person feeling a genuine connection with the emotion that he poured into his words. His acoustic guitar and pure voice had the whole audience transfixed, song after song, the crowd begged for more. Gresham created a genuine connection with his fans, which is often hard to find when it comes to a fair amount of performances today. As he ended the show the crowd found it difficult to walk away, they stood around a little longer in awe even though the show was over and done.


Photographed by: Cal Avis

Shot on: Canon 1100d.

Courtesy of: Lepak Media

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